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My Motivation

This is the place where I will record the reasons I want to get back to a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing size.  I reserve the right to modify at any time!

  1. To be as physically strong as am I emotionally
  2. To have more stamina
  3. To be able to sing better (stronger core = stronger voice)
  4. To again wear the thousands of dollars of smaller size clothes in my closet
  5. To buy clothes in NORMAL stores
  6. To fit down the aisle in an airplane
  7. To easily buckle the belt in an airplane
  8. To not get winded on stairs
  9. To reduce the amount of flapping under my arms
  10. To find my collar bones again
  11. To eliminate the double chin at ALL angles
  12. To eliminate chafing from thighs that rub
  13. To be able to cross my arms
  14. To be able to cross my legs
  15. To wear the necklaces that are too tight on my neck
  16. To not worry about sweating on vinyl chairs
  17. To be able to fit 3-across in a compact car backseat
  18. To bend over and pick up a pencil without the fat girl grunt
  19. To not have to pat powder in body creases (ugh ugh ugh)
  20. To smile for photos and not wonder how many chins appear
  21. To be a “most” when the size is “one size fits most”
  22. To wear normal size bracelets and watches
  23. To LEAP to my feet, not shift like a ponderous mechanism
  24. To wear a belt
  25. To wear a shirt TUCKED IN (whoo friggen hoo)
  1. when i sit down and i’m actually able to cross my legs i giggle to myself because i can’t believe after so long that its actually possible. people don’t get that. i’m glad i’m not alone.

    • I was so excited when I could cross my legs when I lost the weight….and then one day it was a little uncomfortable…and then I just didn’t try for a while….and not it’s not possible.

      When I lose this weight again, I plan to use leg crossing as a major self-test on how I’m maintaining…cuz it was a warning sign I ignored.

      Thanks for commenting!

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