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My Stats

Having traveled this road before, I know there will be ups and downs and frustrating plateaus…the trick is to keep going no matter what. I know that now; the question is will I remember it in the moment?
Future me: pay attention!

Goal weight: 185lbs (seems high for goal? see Fitness or Fatness post)
Starting weight 4/15/10: 280.5 lbs
Current as of 7/23/10: 273.0 lbs
Cumulative Loss: -7.5lbs……. 2.6%

  • 4/22/10: -4.5 lbs
  • 4/29/10: -0.0 lbs (but I have a note from the teacher – see this post)
  • 5/6/10: -2.5 lbs
  • 5/13/10: -0.5lbs
  • 5/20/10 +0.5lbs
  • 5/27/10 +2.0lbs (what the what?)
  • 6/3/10: -4.0lbs (huzzah!)
  • 6/10/10: -0.5lbs
  • 6/17/10: +2.5lb (sigh)
  • 6/24/10: -0.5lb
  • 7/1/10: no change
  • 7/8/10: +2.0lbs
  • 7/15/10 no change
  • 7/23/10: -2.5lbs <– this is the 100 Day Mark. I thought I'd be -25lbs, but am only down 7.5lb. Time to get serious.

So…I didn’t get serious. I got hungry and lazy. Christmas day 2011 I weighted 299 pounds.
But I restarted WW on 12/26/2011. I have had 4 days on program so far….I can do this.
One day at a time.

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